Rohesia Millicent Carbonnel

Priestess of Calistrea


A pretty, raven haired young woman of Chelaxian descent, evident in her sharp features and milky skin, Rohesia takes pride in her appearance, favouring light makeup and salacious garments with keyholes and high slits that leave little to the imagination.

Though inexperienced, this self professed priestess of Calistrea – though more likely to be seen sporting symbols of Shelyn, Erastil, or Abadar – makes several small concessions to a dangerous world, in the form of three prominent daggers, a whip, and, if trouble is likely, the addition of an armoured bustier.


If, as her accent hints, she is indeed Chelaxian, how Rohesia ended up hundreds of miles from home in a former tributary, and perhaps stranger still a devote of Calistrea, is likely a story worth hearing; though persuading her to share the tale, and how much truth there would be to it, is a different matter.

Rohesia Millicent Carbonnel

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