Bunny Grogan McVincent

Flamboyant charmer(Egotistical maniac) and merchant guru (Dodgy Dealer)


A proud noble gent, tall and with dashing looks and surprising reflexes, can survive well in most situations. Short brown hair and blue eyes mixed with a smart getup leaves him in a leading position with most ladies. Varisian by descent and by nature, the love of his land is high in his priorities, along with pleasing many he meets and making a bit of gold on the side is all in a good days work in his opinion.


A dashing gent who could charm and love like no other. A noble by birth, he doesn’t see poverty, mearly added opportunity for exploitation. A true merchant and entrepreneur, able to get the best price for your goods. Useful in the odd ruff spot and backstreet disagreement, yet is much fonder of a good clean bed than a smelly, cold tent. Dirty hands are never appreciated by a noble so he will happily leave that to others of a group as long as he gains his generous share.

Very friendly with a witty pick up line and especially good with getting in and out of sticky areas if needs be, an all round cracking chap.

Bunny Grogan McVincent

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